Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Aquinas Institute's Grand Publishing Project

For those of you who like collecting Aquinas translations, I thought I'd put in a link to the opera omnia project of the Aquinas Institute. They are aiming to produce English translations of all of Aquinas's works; which, given that even some of his major works (like the Commentary on the Sentences) have never appeared in English, is tremendous news. A number of the volumes appear to be re-workings of existing translation; for example that of the summa theologiae is based on the older Dominican translation.

From this series, I have acquired the commentaries on the letters of St Paul. I can attest that all aspects of the book production are of the very highest quality: a nice layout of Latin and English, printed on good quality paper and well bound. For what they are, the prices being asked are very modest.

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